Data management: an introduction to research data management


How do you ensure that your data remain accessible and usable in the future, for yourself and others? Since a great deal is invested in obtaining valuable research data, good data management is important. But what does that involve? If you are a University of Maastricht researcher we’d like to help you get started with this introductory interactive workshop (about 1.5 hours).

Learning objectives:

After attending the workshop you will

  • understand what research data are and what management of research data involves,
  • have an overview of good data management practices,
  • know what a data management plan is,
  • recognize the advantages of good research data management, and
  • know who to ask for help with research data management.

Target Group: PhD students, academic staff

Language: English

Course format: Workshop, demo, hands-on, questions and answers

Prerequisites: None

More information: please contact Henrietta Hazen.


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