Thesis skills – Data Retrieval (for masters SBE)


Searching databases on financial or economic variables can be time consuming. This course shows you how to start your data retrieval process. After selecting the right variables, industry or countries as well as time frame it is time to work with the databases. Once you have your search results you will need to know how to adapt your dataset, as well as be able to export it. 

Learning objective

  • Which databases and data sets are available
  • What databases are most suitable for your topic
  • Retrieving data in a desired format
  • Learning how to adapt data sets

Target group: Master students SBE

Language: English

Course format: Questions and answers

Prerequisites: Participants are expected to be familiar with (economic or financial) variables. 

We kindly ask you to watch these video’s on data retrieval beforehand. In preparation for this session, try to find your data for your thesis. The session will focus on your questions! 

Please note: these videos can not be viewed on tablets and smartphones!

More information: 

  • For more information on how to analyze your results we refer you to your supervisor.
  • The library offers more information via the Data Search Support page.

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