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Computer facilities in the library Computer facilities in the library

You can make use of the computer facilities in the library or bring you own devices. There are multi function printers at your disposal.

Copying in the library

You can find multi-function printers in all library locations.

Facilities for the disabled

The Inner City Library, the Randwyck Library, the Bonnefanten Learning Spaces and the University Sports Centre Learning Spaces are easily accessible for people with disabilities. You can reach almost all parts of the buildings using a lift. All buildings also have a disabled toilet.

Learning-and-Resources Learning and resource centre collections

All materials related to your course.

Library regulations and house rules

Overview of the library regulations and house rules.

LINK Learning Spaces (Randwyck Library)

Link is an informal study environment, where you can study using the computers or your own devices. You can also buy coffee and sandwiches in the FFWD >> coffee corner.

manuals-screens Manuals Library computer facilities

Manuals for Inner City Library computer facilities


The computers in both library locations have all the hardware and software you need to be able to use images and sound.

Payment in the library

At both library locations, you can pay at the information desk, using your bank card only. You can also charge your UMcard at the charging stations in the libraries.

Printing in the library

You can find multi-function printers in all library locations.

Computer facilities in the library Randwyck Computer Facilities

These facilities provide a variety of 260 computer workstations and laptop workplaces (where users may connect their own laptop computers).

Remote Access Remote access

Maastricht University students and staff members, as well as azM staff members have off-campus access to protected services and resources, like databases, e-journals and e-books of the UM Library.

Computer facilities in the library Reserving rooms

Overview of the rooms that can be reserved by teachers and/or students

Scanning in the library

You can find multi-function printers in all library locations.

Storage capacity for students

All students of Maastricht University have a personal drive to their disposal: the I:drive

Student Desktop Anywhere – SDA

Student Desktop Anywhere provides Maastricht University students with access to all student desktop facilities.

Study places

The Learning and Resource Centres, aim to provide students with a wide selection of educational resources as well as study places for individual or group use.

teaching in the library Teaching in the University Library

Are you teaching in the University Library computer rooms in the upcoming period? In that case there are a number of things you need to take into consideration.

wifi WiFi: Wireless Network Maastricht University

A secured wireless network connection to the Maastricht University network and the internet. (Link opens in ICTS website)


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