The universities in the Netherlands and Cambridge University Press (CUP) have recently concluded a three-year agreement guaranteeing 100% Open Access (OA) to academic journals.

As of 1 June, researchers at Dutch universities will be able to publish articles in CUP’s full OA journals via the so-called ‘gold route’. This marks a significant step for the Dutch academic community, as it is the first time a publisher has opted to go down the gold route from the outset.

Unique agreement

The agreement between CUP and the universities in the Netherlands is the first of its kind, as never before a publisher is guaranteeing researchers the right to publish their articles OA directly via the gold route. Jaap Winter, President of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam and the chief negotiator on behalf of the VSNU, commented as follows:

It is unique that, as of 1 June, all researchers at Dutch universities will have unlimited OA publication rights in the 339 CUP hybrid journals and 17 CUP full OA journals, without any additional costs for the researchers.

How to benefit?

After an article has been accepted, the corresponding author may indicate under which affiliation he/she submitted the article; CUP will know that the author is entitled to APC remission; an ‘Apply Discount’ button appears that the author must click to confirm.

However, a number of journals (especially society journals) are excluded from the deal, but corresponding authors can always ask if their article can be accessed without further charges.

All titles covered by the agreement are included in the title list to be found on the Open Access portal of the University Library.

Would you like to know more on this subject?

Please go to the Cambridge University Press website which offers additional information about the OA agreement, or contact UM Open Access consultant Ron Aardening.

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