October 2018

Dear Library+ Research subscriber,

This week (22-26 October) is International Open Access Week.

In more than 100 countries around the world, extra attention is given to open access related issues this week.

In the Netherlands, a number of open access / open science activities are organised in and around this week. For an overview of events, please visit openaccess.nl, the Dutch open access website in which we participate. 

At Maastricht University, we will pay extra attention to updating the Open Access portal and we will report on current open access issues, such as cOAlitionS, predatory publishers, APC, paywalls, copyright, and ORCID. And we are open to your suggestions.


Tell us which open access related topics you want to know more about. Or where more support is needed.


Simply reply to this email, or use our web form to let us know. 



During the Open Access Week, you can visit the Open Access portal to follow our updates. We will also report the updates in the upcoming Library+ Research update. 

Hope to hear from you,

Ron Aardening
Scholarly Communications & Publishing Officer



Apps & Tools update


Library Access Browser Extension - new

Get easy access to e-resources provided by UM Library directly from your browser.

Get simple access to scholarly material whenever, wherever you are.

Our new browser extension provides quick and simple access to publications licensed by UM Library. The extension will notify when you are on a website that contains licensed material. A single click will open that site via the library, ensuring you’ve got access.

And if we do not hold a license, we will try to provide a link to an open access version of presented articles.

The new Library Access browser extension simplifies searching for relevant sources and is available for most modern web browsers.


Try the Library Access Browser Extension now.


A few quick clicks will get you started.



Workshops & Courses update

Our workshops and courses are available for students, researchers, staff members and alumni from Maastricht University and the academic hospital (MUMC+). Follow the links for more information, dates and to register for these workshops. 

Upcoming workshops and courses

• An introduction to research data management 

• What journal to publish in 

• Increasing and measuring your research impact  

• EndNote introductory workshop  

• EndNote advanced workshop 

 See our website for a complete overview of upcoming workshops and courses.


Please visit the Online Library for our services and more information

Library Research Support portal 


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