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UM Master Theses

Selected full text master theses from Maastricht University faculties

Research Publications Portal

UM Publications

Publications by UM scholars and affiliated institutes

Unmanaged PC

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USB storage

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teaching in the library


The UM website about video for education

Remote Access

Virtual Private Network – VPN

Activate the UM VPN service and your device will communicate with the Internet via the Maastricht University. You can use your device as if you’re on campus.

Virtual Research Environment – VRE

We offer a dedicated collaboration tool, that not only facilitates communication and information sharing but explicitly offers the possibility to work together.

Web of Science (WoS) workshop / hands-on training

The Web of Science is a multidisciplinary database covering high quality research across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. This training helps you to get the most out of the Web of Science and make your research easier.

Westlaw UK and WestlawNext workshop

This workshop deals with the following topics: what’s Westlaw and what information can be found; what are the best ways to gain access to this information and how to use the Westlaw functionality.

What journal to publish in?

In this 1.5 hour workshop, criteria are discussed which influence an author’s journal choice, and some tools that could be of help. There is plenty of time to deal with individual questions and/or problems.


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For questions or information, use the web form to contact a subject specialist.


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