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Course Design Inspiration Workshop (SBE)

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Critical Reading

Critical Writing

Custom software and apps

If existing products are insufficient for your data collection, or when you need additional features, you probably need a custom application or app.

Data Archive

Store, archive, retrieve and share data without worries.

Data cleaning and verification

MEMIC offers data cleaning and adheres to high standards when it comes to data quality.

Data management consultancy

Doing scientific research is a comprehensive and complicated process. MEMIC offers advice RDM, writing DMP (using tool DMPMaastricht), workflow (using tool Ldot), creating data (reuse, (e)questionnaires, building an app),… Consultancy is free of charge.

Data Management Plan

Use DMPMaastricht for creating, reviewing and sharing DMPs. To ease the burden on the researcher DMPMaastricht provides institutional guidance and example answers.

Data Science Research Seminar Series

The Data Science Research Seminar series serves as a forum to learn about, discuss and critique high impact publications from all facets of Data Science.


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