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More and more data is visual. DataHub is working on facilities for storing visual data.

Increase your research impact

Strategies to increase the likelihood of an article being cited, discussed or otherwise mentioned in scientific and relevant societal groups.

Measuring research impact

Increasing and measuring your research impact [course]

This course offers researchers the opportunity to learn strategies that aim at increasing the likelihood of an article being cited, discussed or otherwise mentioned in scientific and relevant societal groups. Besides this, some tools to measure research impact will be discussed.

Information for new students

The library is not only a study environment but also a meeting place. Students have access to the library buildings as well as to the Online Library, where all our electronic journals, books and databases are stored. A quick guide.

Information skills support

Information skills & Support

Inter Library Loan

Books or periodicals that are not available in the collection of the Maastricht University Library can be requested from other Dutch libraries using the inter library loan service (ILL).

Introduction to literature searching and writing

Peer Point provides free research assistance to students studying at Maastricht University. Peer Point is staffed by students trained at responding critically and constructively to the work of their peers. Our mission is to help you improve your research skills and this workshop is a first step at doing so.

ISBN registration

The ISBN identifies the registrant as well as the specific title, edition and format. Maastricht University PhD students and staff can ask the library to register an ISBN for their theses or other UM publications.

Journal Browser

Find out which journals offer open access publication and which arrangements (such as APC discounts) are in effect.

Ldot – Research workflow management

Logistical software package for keeping track of your respondents. To be used for sending invitations and reminders. Also to store patient data separately from research data as is required in medical research.


Contact & Support

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