Yes, that’s possible! The University Library cooperates with the faculties in order to guarantee the quality of the library collection. One of the ways to investigate if the right choices have been made is by monitoring the usage. In order to give you some insight you can see the results below. Would you like to know which journal title was consulted so often?

Recently there’s a lot of discussion about the way the outcome of scientific research is shared with the rest of the world. Publishing scientific articles in journals of the commercial publishers is still one of the most current ways to do this. At the same time universities worldwide pay a lot of money each year to subscribe to these same journals, in order to get the information available for their staff and students. Today, while everyone had to deal with budget cuts it’s an important target to keep a qualitative good library collection in shape. The University Library works together with the faculties to achieve this aim. When choices have to be made, usage statistics can be of help. After all since a few years it is, thanks to international effort made by libraries and publishers, possible to monitor usage of the electronic journals and e-books. We at the Maastricht University Library also do this for some years now. This especially concerns the usage of the packages of the larger publishers of e-journals. The reports provide the number of ‘full text article requests’ per year, per title. Since the increase of number of e-books in the library collection we also monitor the usage of four e-books suppliers, where section requests are counted. This concerns the number of clicks on chapters or paragraphs. We noticed that the usage has grown over the last years.

To get insight in this information read about the details here (the packages of journals differ in size, so view the numbers in this context):

Number of succesful fulltext  ‘article requests’ 2011 of the journal packages and the most consulted journal title in each package:

  • Elsevier ScienceDirect (2111 titles) – 628.983
    The Lancet (19.920 article requests, which makes it the most consulted journal title mentioned at the beginning of this notice)
  • Wiley Online Journals (1438 titles) – 206.963
    Strategic Management  Journal (4484 article requests)
  • JSTOR (1688 titles) – 198.267
    Journal of Finance (6769 article requests)
  • SpringerLink (Springer, 1938 titles) – 153.205
    Journal of Business Ethics (3748 article requests)
  • OvidSP/LWW (283 titles) – 77.538
    Neurology (3913 article requests)
  • SAGE (571 titles) – 74.087
    Journal of Management (2248 article requests)
  • Oxford University Press (229 titles) – 63.327
    European Heart Journal (2575 article requests)
  • Taylor & Francis (1295 titles) – 60.837
    Journal of European Public Policy (2658 article requests)
  • BMJ Publishing (34 titles) – 47.359
    British Medical Journal (14.865 article requests)
  • Informa Health (179 titles) – 22.277
    Medical Teacher (2840 article requests)
  • Cambridge University Press (258 titles) – 22.072
    Psychological Medicine (2039 article requests)
  • EmeraldInsight (Emerald, 95 titles) – 21.413
    European Journal of Marketing (1142 article requests)
  • American Chemical Society (40 titles) – 15.212
    Journal of the American Chemical Society (1578 article requests)
  • Mary Ann Liebert (68 titles) – 5181
    Antioxidants & Redox Signaling (675 article requests)

Number of succesful ‘section requests’ from e-books 2011 and the most consulted book title:

  • Gale (Cengage) – 127.307
    Outsourcing and offshoring in the 21st century (6438 section requests)
    It’s interesting to see that in a dictionary the number of section requests  is counted separately as well: in the Complete Dictionary of the Scientific Biography 36.149 section requests were counted.
  • Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum (BSL) via SpringerLink – 82.033
    Interne Geneeskunde (7580 section requests)
  • Ebooks from various publishers via the Dawson platform – 16.973
    Foundation of neuro economic analysis (926 section requests)
  • Access Medicine (McGraw-Hill) – 37.293 Harrison’s Online (7259 section requests)

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