Clickbait, hoaxes, and complete bogus

by | 4 Mar 2018

The Fake News Series #1

This week it’s the international Open Education Week. The Maastricht University Library will therefore focus on fake news and how you can educate yourself on the phenomena. Of course with the help of open source material.


But first: let’s take a step back

Because what is fake news? Most of us already have an idea about the concept, but those views hardly show the complete picture of fake news and misinformation. Luckily the European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI) did some research on the topic, and they were able to distinguish ten different types of misinformation; ranging from propaganda and clickbait to conspiracy theories and complete bogus. They put all of those types in this infographic.

If you want to see some examples of these different types of misinformation; make sure that you visit the EAVI website. There they also give tips on what you can do to spot fake news, hoaxes, and pseudoscience.

Want to know even more about fake news? Then keep an eye on our Library Wall and Facebook updates. We’ll be posting daily this week on misinformation, including blog posts written by our own experts.


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