Dimensions is a free accessible citation database, providing citation numbers and alternative metrics (altmetrics) on article level.
As UM has no institutional subscription only the free application and options are available for use.
Dimensions is a cloud-based search, discovery and analytics platform. The free Dimension application covers 128 million publications and gives immediate access to 8M+ open access articles. Full-text searching is possible on more than 50 million articles and books.

Accessing Dimensions
Dimensions is available at https://app.dimensions.ai . You do not have to be connected to the University network to have access. A Dimensions user account is not required to browse the data.

What will you discover in Dimensions?
In addition to finding relevant publications, you can also easily locate linked and integrated data from multiple content sources. When you’ve clicked in to a publication record, you’ll be able to see:
● Publication references
● Publication citations
● Altmetric mentions

Not available in the free application app:
● Supporting grants
● Supporting funding agencies
● Patent citations
● Research categories

You can use Dimensions to:
● Monitor the latest developments in your field
● Read Open Access content with the click of a button
● Understand your impact, and that of your peers: citation data and altmetrics provide useful indicators for tracking and showcasing the academic and broader impacts of published work
● Identify new opportunities and collaborators: trace your network to identify people working in areas you’re interested in.

Dimensions also connect with ORCID.

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