HeinOnline is a comprehensive and image-based online database containing a digital collection of legal and law-related materials organized into modules called libraries. It provides access to the full text of a range of, mainly American, legal resources.

HeinOnline provides access to the full text of a range of, mainly American, legal resources.
The collections include:

  • Law Journal Library,
  • Canada Supreme Court Reports,
  • Code of Federal Regulations,
  • Early American Case Law,
  • English Reports,
  • European Centre for Minority Issues,
  • Federal Register Library,
  • International Law Association Reports,
  • Legal Classics,
  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure,
  • Pentagon Papers,
  • Philip C. Jessup Library,
  • Revised Statutes of Canada,
  • Statutes of the Realm,
  • Trends in Law Library Management and Technology,
  • U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection,
  • U.S. Code,
  • U.S. Federal Legislative History Library,
  • U.S. Presidential Library, 
  • U.S. Statutes at Large, 
  • U.S. Supreme Court Library, 
  • U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library, 
  • Women & the Law (Peggy),
  • World Constitutions Illustrated.

Coverage ranges from the mid 19th century to the present. For coverage of specific journals click on ‘Law Journal library’. An alphabetical list of journal titles along with a detail of coverage for each title will be shown.

Select the collection you want to browse. For searching click on the Search tab in the left navigation bar. There are three basis search options: Quick Search (=Boolean Searching across a given library), Field Search (=input terms, select fields to search across, manipulate search results format, and select sections), Advanced Search (=Boolean Searching, narrow to specific titles, years and sections).
Every library has different search fields. To view these fields, click on ‘Search Tips’. Search guidelines are also available from the Search tab in the left navigation bar by clicking ‘View Advanced Search Syntax’.

Citation Navigator (Citation Navigator tab in the navigation bar): by entering the volume number, selecting the journal from the pull-down menu and entering a page number, the researcher will quickly locate the exact page within the collection.
Each journal article has been scanned and contains the full content and layout of the original document. Every word of each journal is searchable.
MyHein: allows you to save your personal research and store it in your own personal space using a username and password. With MyHein, you can bookmark articles, save search queries, and organize and create your own tags.

You can have access to HeinOnline on your iPhone/iPad with the HeinOnline App

User Guides

HeinOnline Help Video Series:
Video Topics Include:
• Logging into HeinOnline
• Creating a MyHein account
• Searching & Navigating HeinOnline
• U.S. Congressional Documents
• Searching for a citation
• Case law, including HeinOnline’s partnership with Fastcase
• Exploring & navigating the welcome page
• Searching the HeinOnline catalog
• Downloading/printing content
• Author Profile Pages
• Searching across bills and resolutions
• Searching for Congress members by name
• Searching by rollcall vote
• Refining and building search queries. 

What Is HeinOnline? (3:32 min. video)

HeinOnline Welcome Page (3:16 min. video)

Comprehensive User’s Guide
This user guide will aid new users in the following areas:
• Getting Started in HeinOnline
• Working Within a Library
• Working Within a Volume/Title
• Printing/Downloading Options
• Help & Training Resources. 

Getting Started in HeinOnline 
This quick reference guide gives a brief overview of how to access the database, basic searching and navigation

This quick reference guide will aid users in the following areas:

  • Basic Search Option
  • Search Syntax & Using Boolean Operator
  • Search Tips & Hints for Doing a Topical/Subject Search

Searching 101
This user guide is intended for users who are not familiar with the searching options or basic search techniques in HeinOnline. This guide is not intended for users who utilize and search the database often using advanced searching techniques.
This user guide will aid new users in the following areas:

  • Title Lookup Search
  • Understanding the electronic table of contents and how it can help you formulate a search
  • Reviewing Field & Advanced Search Forms
  • How to use facets to narrow search results
  • How to search within a set of results
  • Review of basic Boolean operators (AND, OR)
  • Review of proximity and wildcard searching

Tim’s Tricks
This user guide presents top ten tricks for using HeinOnline

Advanced Search Syntax
This user guide provides detailed instructions and examples for building searches using field names and Boolean operators, as well as details about range, proximity, wildcard and fuzzy searches.

Hein’s ScholarCheck: SocialIndexing
Hein’s ScholarCheck: ScholarCheck
Hein’s ScholarCheck is a series of tools and features integrated throughout various HeinOnline libraries that allow you to view journal articles that have a heavy influence on the subject you are researching. These tools and features can be found at the page viewing level using the citations on page feature to link directly to cited material in HeinOnline. You can also view a list of articles that cite the article or document you are reading. ScholarCheck is also integrated into the search results in select HeinOnline libraries. On a search result if you see a “Cited by [#]” link listed, you can click on that to view the articles that cite the article or document listed in that result. You can also choose to sort search results by the number of times an article or document is cited. Hein’s ScholarCheck is available only in select libraries at this time.

Export options for e.g. EndNote

HeinOnline App
This user guide provides quick information on how to access content by citation, browse by volume, navigate a volume with the electronic table of contents, how to use full advanced searching techniques and more on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

This user guide provides detailed instructions on how to  save your personal research and store it in your own personal account      using a username and password. It allows you to:

  • bookmark articles
  • save search queries
  • organize and create your own tags for your bookmarks
  • create eTOC alerts

Printing PDFs from HeinOnline

Author Profile Page
This feature makes it easy for authors of law review articles to showcase a list of their works, as well as citation and access statistics, similar to those at SSRN. 

Feature Specific Help Guides

What is the Text print/download option and what does it do?

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