HeinOnline is a comprehensive and image-based online database containing a digital collection of legal and law-related materials organized into modules called libraries. It provides access to the full text of a range of, mainly American, legal resources.

HeinOnline provides access to the full text of a range of, mainly American, legal resources.

Coverage ranges from the mid 19th century to the present. For coverage of specific journals click on ‘Law Journal library’. An alphabetical list of journal titles along with a detail of coverage for each title will be shown.

It is important to select the correct collection or library of materials by choosing the relevant collection on the main page.
In the basic search bar, you can narrow down the search result by filtering by Author, Title, Citation or Catalog. If you are searching for a known citation or title, the basic search option is likely to be adequate. For more complex searches, especially for full-text searches, browsing the collection or using the advanced search option may be more useful.

Every library has different search fields. To view these fields, click on ‘Search Tips’. Search guidelines are also available from the Search tab in the left navigation bar by clicking ‘View Advanced Search Syntax’.

Citation Navigator (Citation Navigator tab in the navigation bar): by entering the volume number, selecting the journal from the pull-down menu and entering a page number, the researcher will quickly locate the exact page within the collection.
Each journal article has been scanned and contains the full content and layout of the original document. Every word of each journal is searchable.

MyHein: allows you to save your personal research and store it in your own personal space using a username and password. With MyHein, you can bookmark articles, save search queries, and organize and create your own tags. You can link your Google and MyHein accounts, allowing Google, via Google Single Sign-On (SSO), to instantly log you into MyHein as soon as you start your research.

You can have access to HeinOnline on your iPhone/iPad with the HeinOnline App.

HeinOnline Help & Training
A Knowledge Base of guides, videos & articles about using the database effectively.

How to Get Started in HeinOnline

HeinOnline’s LibGuides home page

Export options for e.g. EndNote

Author Profile Page
This feature makes it easy for authors of law review articles to showcase a list of their works, as well as citation and access statistics, similar to those at SSRN.

Using Citations in HeinOnline

How to locate treaties in HeinOnline

Feature Specific Help Guides

What is the Text print/download option and what does it do?

This will generate a full-text file of the page(s) and open them in your browser window, allowing you to cut and paste text for use in another program. It is important to note that all text files are generated from the uncorrected OCR text, thus displaying the unedited version.

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