HinT – History in Titles


Bibliography about Western-European history (from ca. 1500 onward), philosophy and theory of history and historiography. Refers to ca. 40,000 titles from books and articles.

HinT has been closed on 1 January 2005 but is still available for consultation.

The database includes political, social, economic and cultural- history. Besides, HinT contains titles that are related to philosophy of history and historiography.

The bibliographic descriptions of the publications are enriched with keywords, personal names, geographical names, historical dates and periods and methodical classification. Furthermore, HinT contains summaries of journal articles, tables of contents of bundles and references to reviews.

At the end of 2004, the HinT database contained more than 96.800 titles. The database has been produced and maintained by Bureau Hint of the University of Amsterdam.

The field options for searching are:

  • title words
  • author
  • personal names
  • keywords
  • abstracts
  • languages
  • year of issue.

The option ‘Advanced’ gives access to a search filter. You can refine your search in advance by means of several dropdown menus and make combinations by using Boolean operators (and, or, not). You can also make several additional selections in advance: on year, or period of publication and on the material.

Concerning the presentation of the search results you can choose between sort ‘by relevance’ or ‘year of publication’.

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