IBFD – Tax Research Platform



IBFD offers a comprehensive package of international and country-specific tax materials, searchable by format, topic, or country.

The IBFD Platform offers a multitude of ways to search for the information you need. You can start your search by selecting a collection, a country, a region, a special topic, practice area or through a(n) (advanced) full-text search. After the first search criterion has been executed you can further refine your search by using the options presented in the left frame.
The left frame contains 3 tabs of which 2 are shown by default (Search, Tools). When a document is open in the middle frame, the ‘Outline tab’ will appear in the left frame providing you with the Table of Contents of the specific document that is open.
Search tab: Allows you to narrow your search by using the drop down bars on the left side to select certain types of information (e.g. publication, collection, topic), or simply narrow your search geographically. It is also possible to enter a specific subject in the keyword box. Every time you enter a search item or narrow the searches, your selections appear at the top of the screen. To undo a previous selection simply click it away at the top of the screen (x).
Tools tab: Explains what tools are included in the platform, along with a brief description of how to use them.
Outline tab: Provides you with the Table of Contents of the specific document that is open. By clicking the plus sign, you open a lower level in the Table of Contents. This way, you can browse through the sections and subsections of the product.
If you want to clear a search quickly or start a new one: click on the IBFD logo in the top left corner of the IBFD Platform.

Performing a search will search the collections the Library subscribes to. In order to execute a search of all IBFD’s collections, untick the checkbox at the top of the left frame entitled ‘My Subscriptions only’ before performing the search. Of course, you can only access the documents yielded by the search results if you have a subscription to them. Documents shown in grey are not accessible.
On the left frame of the start page are several drop down menus. Behind every collection name, there is a small information icon. When you hover over it with your mouse, it provides a very brief explanatory text of what the collection entails.
It is possible to create your own personalized Research Profile(s).
The feature will allow you to store your favorite and most frequently used searches for quick and easy future access. Additionally, the IBFD RSS functionality offers you the opportunity to be kept up-to-date with any updates to your Research Profiles.

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