ICSD - Inorganic Crystal Structure Database



The ICSD is the world’s largest database of fully determined inorganic crystal structures. Each record includes crystallographic data, chemical and physical property data, and bibliographic information for any journal article referencing the structure.

The ICSD contains known inorganic crystal structures, including pure elements, minerals metals and intermetallic compounds, published since 1913. Experimental inorganic and metal-organic structures are included, as well as theoretical inorganic structures. To be included in the database, structures have to be fully characterised, the atomic coordinates have to be either determined or they can be derived from a known structure type, and the composition has to be fully specified.

For more in depth background information, please refer to the scientific manual.

Note that access to the ICSD is provided through a local server at the Radboud University Nijmegen. The UM does not have access directly through FIZ Karlsruhe.

Clicking on the headers of the search fields will show information on how to use that search field.

A short, general help manual can be displayed by clicking on “help” in the search window.

Moreover, an extensive help manual is available.

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