International Encyclopadia for Religion (IEL Religion)


The International Encyclopaedia for Religion covers national monographs, as well as regional and international monographs concerning the place and role of religion in international treaties, as a universal human right and so on.

The International Encyclopedia for Religion Law offers a country-by-country (18 countries) survey of law and religion throughout the world. It gives a general social and religious background of every country included. The legal framework of every country will be analysed and the key case law will be at stake. Each monograph will offer a clear and comprehensive overview of relevant legislation, case law and doctrine,

It includes:
* Country-by-Country overview
* Systematic information on how each State deals with religion, the role it plays in society, the status of the church involved, etc
* Regional and international monographs concerning the place and role of religion in international treaties
* In-depth description of the most important religions

Update July 2016
New countries added: United States, India, Sweden

Table of contents:
The Author
Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations
General Introduction
§1 General Background of the Country
§2 Social Facts about Religion
§3 Historical Background
Selected Bibliography
Part I: Legal Framework and Sources
Chapter 1: Constitutional Position of Religion
Chapter 2: Other legislation with Regard tot Religion
Chapter 3: Typology of the System
Part II: Religious Freedom in General
Chapter 1: Individual Religious Freedom
Chapter 2: Collective Religious Freedom
Chapter 3: Organisational Religious Freedom
Part III: Legal Status of Religious Communities
Chapter 1: Formal Status of Religious Communities
Chapter 2: Autonomy of Religious Communities
Chapter 3: Fundamental Rights and Religious Communities
Chapter 4: Contractual Religious Freedom
Part IV: International, Transnational, Regional Effects on Religious Communities
Chapter 1: International Law Effects on Religious Communities
Chapter 2: Transnational Law Effects on Religious Communities
Chapter 3: Regional Law Effects on Religious Communities
Part V: Religion and Politics
Chapter 1: Religion Influence in Politics
Chapter 2: Political Influence in Religion
Chapter 3: Interaction Between Religion and State on a Political and Legal Level
Part VI: Labour Law within Religious Communities
Chapter 1: Scope of Application of Labour Law
Chapter 2: Religious Ministers and Labour Law
Chapter 3: Other Church Employees and Labour Law
Part VII: Religious Communities and Protections of the Individual
Chapter 1: Protection of Privacy
Chapter 2: Freedom to Marry
Chapter 3: Freedom of Expression
Chapter 4: Due Process Norms and Religious Groups
Chapter 5: Professional Secrecy
Chapter 6: Medical Deontology
Chapter 7: Non-Discrimination
Chapter 8: Penal Law and Religion
Part VIII: Church Financing
Chapter 1: Direct Financing of Religious Communities
Chapter 2: Indirect Financing of Religious Communities
Part IX: Education
Chapter 1: Religious Education in Public and Private Schools
Chapter 2: Religious Schools
Part X: Matrimonial and Family Law
Chapter 1: Legal Position of Religious Marriage
Chapter 2: Legal Position of Religious Family Law
Part XI: Religion and Culture
Chapter 1: Religion and Art
Chapter 2: Religion and Media
Chapter 3: Religion and Civil Society
Selected Bibliography.

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