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Investor-State LawGuide (ISLG) is a comprehensive research tool in the area of investment treaty arbitration containing rules, conventions, bilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements and much more.

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Investor-State LawGuide™ (ISLG) is a collection of tools for researching international investment treaty law. The scope of ISLG’s document collection includes all publicly available ICSID, NAFTA and ad hoc tribunal decisions and awards where the subject of the claim is an investment treaty. These materials are available in a comprehensive document directory. Currently, NAFTA and ICSID awards and decisions are the most complete. The collection also includes investment treaties, including bilateral investment treaties, and rules.

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ISLG has three main tabs found at the top right-hand corner of your screen:

  • Research Tools tab
  • Treaties & Rules tab
  • Dispute Documents tab.

ISLG’s document collection (i.e., all dispute documents, arbitration rules, investment treaties and other legal instruments) are found under the Dispute Documents and Treaties & Rules tabs. ISLG’s value added tools are found under the Research Tools tab.

ISLG Home Screen
When you login to ISLG, you are presented with the ISLG home screen (N.B. you can return to the home screen at any point by selecting the ISLG logo in the top left-hand corner your screen).

The ISLG home screen has two important features:

  1. Global Search Tool
  2. Subscriber Updates

1. Global Search Tool

This component enables users to simultaneously search all the tools on ISLG (i.e., Subject Navigator, Article Citator, Jurisprudence Citator, Terms & Phrases, Full-Text Search, Treaties & Rules and Dispute Documents) and aggregate your results on one screen.
You can perform a search using this tool by entering a term or phrase into the Search text field and selecting the “Go” icon (N.B. you can enter any legal issue, case name, treaty title, etc.). When you start your search, you will be presented with results for each tool along with a summary describing what has been searched for each tool. The number of results produced for each tool will help direct you to the tool that is most relevant to the term or phrase you have searched. You can then view the results for a specific tool by selecting [View Results], which will direct you to the page for that tool and present you with results as if you had performed the search within the tool itself.

If you are interested in the issue “expropriation”, the following steps can be applied:

  • Enter the term “expropriation” into the Search text field and select the “Go” icon.
  • Observe the results produced for this search. Notice that 0 results are produced under Treaties & Rules and Dispute Documents; whereas 413 and 684 results are produced under the Full-Text Search and Subject Navigator, respectively. These results indicate that information relevant to the issue of “expropriation” will be found under the Full-Text Search and Subject Navigator.

Select [View Results] next to the Subject Navigator results, and you will presented with the list of results for searching the term “expropriation” within the Subject Navigator itself.

2. Subscriber Updates
The Subscriber Updates column is found on the right-hand side of the ISLG home screen. This column contains the latest information on events and updates to ISLG’s content.

Dispute Documents are added to the document collection within 48 hours of their public release. Initially, this means that the dispute documents will be available under the Dispute Documents tab and the Full-Text Search tool. Documents that have been added to the document collection with the past 30 days are listed under “Dispute Documents and Full-Text Search”.

In order to incorporate substantive dispute documents into ISLG’s value-added Research Tools (i.e., the Subject Navigator, Article Citator, Jurisprudence Citator and Terms & Phrases), the document must be subject to expert review by ISLG’s team of editors and contributors. This process takes between 1-2 weeks to complete. Documents that have been subject to this process and have been fully incorporate into the value-added Research tools within the past 30 days will be listed under “Subject Navigator, Article Citator and Jurisprudence Citator”.
Below the list of updates to ISLG’s content, you will find information on the latest ISLG events.

For an overview of the database and its functionality please refer to the tutorial videos on Screencast and YouTube .

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