Reaxys is an online chemical search engine designed for searching for (parts of) chemical structures, substance properties (e.g. spectra), and reaction and synthesis information.

Reaxys retrieves chemical compounds, substance properties, reactions and scientific literature contained in the Reaxys (Beilstein, Gmelin and Paten Chemistry Databases), PubChem, eMolecules, LabNetwork, SigmaAldritch, and Commercial Substances databases. It also contains a Synthesis planner that can design synthesis routes using the literature present in the database.

You can use a combination of keywords and chemical structures to search Reaxys. Moreover, substance properties and bibliographic information can be used to search or to filter search results.

It is recommended to create an account using your UM email address and log in when using Reaxys. This will let you save your searches and synthesis plans and set up alerts.

Video tutorials
On this page, you will find short video tutorials explaining several features of Reaxys.

Quick start guides
Here you can find guides explaining how to get started with Reaxys.

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