SDC Platinum Mergers and Acquisition / Joint Ventures and Alliances



Comprehensive details on all announced deals and alliances, whether completed or uncompleted.

Comprehensive details, produced by Thomson Reuters, on all announced deals and alliances, whether completed or uncompleted. The database covers U.S. targets 1979 to present and Non-U.S. targets 1985 to present. Data available include full financial details, advisors, and fees, premiums paid, etc.

Thomson Reuters offers UM students additional support in case questions are too detailed for UM Library Support. Via a web form, you can leave your query or you may contact Thomson Reuters via telephone: + 31 (0)20 5045995. Please do not automatically contact Thomson Reuters with all your questions!

Please note: for students SDC Platinum will no longer be available as from 1-1-2020!
Please have a look at our data search support site for alternatives like the M&A screener via FactSet.

Once you log in to SDC Platinum you find extensive online support under Help.
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Access information

SBE Students: Different from other databases,  SDC Platinum Mergers and Acquisition cannot be accessed via the databases overview in the Online Library.
SDC Platinum Mergers and Acquisition is a database that mainly focuses on economic content. It can be accessed via diverse procedures.
In case you are an SBE student you can directly access SDC Platinum Mergers and Acquisition via ‘Start’ à Program list.
The application is available on PC’s and TC’s in the University Library as well as anywhere else via Student Desktop Anywhere, including both the native interface as well as the Excel interface.

SBE Staff: For SBE staff SDC Platinum Mergers and Acquisition is available via SBE, instructions can be found here.

Other students: In case you are studying at another faculty but still would like to use SDC Platinum Mergers and Acquisition, you can contact  Ask your librarian. 

Other staff: In case you are working at another faculty please contact Ask your librarian.

Log-in information: After starting the program, SDC asks for log-in credentials. The correct credentials are: UB.

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