Skills in Medicine



The web-based version of the program ‘Skills In Medicine’ (SIM).

The program includes the complete content as presented in the offline version (15 books each including either a cd-rom or dvd-rom), known as the SIM-box.

The ‘Skills In Medicine’ program has been developed to facilitate students in learning how to perform a number of basic medical skills that can take place during a physical examination. In general, these are skills that a student should learn during the Bachelor/Master phase of their education.

A large number of diagnostic examination procedures are explained and demonstrated in the video clips.

As this program has been developed in a ‘data-base’ structure it facilitates an elaborate search function. This can used to find words or phrases throughout the entire program – try it!

The video-clips can be activated by clicking on the video button.

To learn more, please watch this video (2:10): Skills

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