TradeLawGuide offers efficient and effective tools for researching the jurisprudence of the WTO, dispute settlement documents, the texts of the WTO agreements and the Uruguay Round negotiating documents.

TradeLawGuide (TLG) is an innovative tool for researching World Trade Organization (WTO) law; provides access to WTO jurisprudence (reports, awards and decisions); ascertains the status of passages in WTO jurisprudence and “notes up” passages in a methodical and efficient manner; reviews provisions and jurisprudence encompassing the rules of treaty interpretation applicable to the WTO agreements and instruments; and examines terms and phrases defined in the texts of the WTO agreements and instruments or elaborated upon in statements in WTO jurisprudence. It also contains fully annotated texts of six principal WTO agreements that have been the subject of extensive dispute settlement activity, procedural documents, negotiating history, and precursor texts.

TradeLawGuide has special tools to allow you to update (e.g., “note up” or “shepardize”) references to provisions of the WTO Agreements and to paragraphs and footnotes of reports, awards and decisions. This is essential because, while Panel and Appellate Body reports are not binding, the Appellate Body has made it clear that they should be taken into account where relevant. Relevancy can be quickly and accurately determined.

The main research tools are: The Subject Navigator, which indexes information by subject matter and links to the agreements, instruments, jurisprudence and other documents. It has been described as an electronic textbook. The Annotated Agreements provide detailed annotations that structure and explain the jurisprudence by agreement and provision.  The Article Citator provides pinpoint references and links to jurisprudence on all provisions of more than 70 WTO agreements and instruments and pre-WTO agreements (e.g., GATT 1994, 1979 Codes) and provides concise summaries of the jurisprudence.  The Jurisprudence Citators enable you to ascertain the status of passages in WTO jurisprudence and “update” or “shepardize” passages. The Interpretation tool provides all of the legal principles and jurisprudence on the rules of treaty interpretation under the Vienna Convention of the Law of Treaties and other special WTO rules. Finally, Terms & Phrases provides quotations on terms and phrases defined in the texts of the WTO agreements and instruments or elaborated upon in WTO jurisprudence.

The database is updated daily.

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