WestlawNext contains over 8,000 databases of easy-to-search commonwealth cases, legislation, world journals and law reviews from the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, European Union and other jurisdictions, and comprehensive US content.

WestlawNext is a database of law publications from the UK, the European Union, the US, the Commonwealth and a few other jurisdictions. It includes arbitration awards, books, (International Court of Justice) cases, journals, legislation, treaties and WTO/GATT decisions.
WestlawNext will provide you with all of your additional international materials including jurisdictional coverage for US, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia as well as topical materials such as other international journals, intellectual property, patent information and arbitration.

Reference Materials

WestlawNext Getting Started Guide

Ten Quick Tips for Using WestlawNext

Find & Print Quick Reference Guide

Dockets Quick Reference Guide

How to check citations
This quick reference guide will help you understand how to use KeyCite® to check your
citations by retrieving the history of a case and viewing a list of cases and other sources
that cite the case.

West eLearning Center
The West eLearning Center is an online training resource available to all Westlaw customers and students. Once registered one has free access to dozens of short Westlaw lesson.

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