Pure & Research Publications support



PURE is a Current Research Information System (CRIS) that will answer many of the current research management and reporting needs.

It supports the collation, management and reporting of all aspects of research information, including:

  • research staff
  • grants and contracts
  • publications (incl. full text)
  • research impact
  • collaborations

Research Publications

All research information entered in the new CRIS will be presented in a new portal on the UM website: Research Publications. This portal promotes Maastricht University research.


PURE improves the internal and external visibility of our research capability, achievements and expertise, in part through providing a single entry point for content for web pages and output repositories. It provides a vital tool for research management; reducing the requests for research data from departments and enhancing the data available for planning purposes.

The system has the flexibility to adapt to future needs and will provide you with an intuitive interface for data entry, review and reporting. It draws its content via links with existing business systems where appropriate and is pre-populated with historical data as far as possible.