Digital exams offer new possibilities that can improve your course and make exams more interesting to your students. You could even redesign the way you use exams in your course, and test your students during the course in formative exams.



Digital exams can improve the content of the exam, by offering more options for collaboration and question formats. Eliminating the paper workflow saves time and makes grading open-ended questions much easier.
The whole process is contained within a secure environment, that you can access from anywhere in the world. You can collaborate on developing questions in the itembank, and students can give and receive feedback within the software.

Design and Construction

Use more creative closed question formats and media to challenge your students.
Secure item bank with easy access to your questions and exams from anywhere in the world.
Collaborate online with your peers and reviewers on construction of your questions and exams.


The integrated test matrix can generate several different exams from the same set of questions.
Use randomisation to give each student a unique version of the same exam.

Grading and Analysis

Instant results and item analysis for closed questions.
Open-ended questions can be graded immediately after the exam.
Objective grading: grade answers anonymously, either per question or per student.
Feedback from students easily accessible during grading: evaluate their feedback at a glance.


Feedback and study references for students included in the inspection of questions and exams.
Export learning analytics for futher evaluation of your exams.
Use the item analysis to improve questions for future exams.


Digital exams are not simply paper exams in a computer. Using a digital exam software changes the procedures and options for your exams, and there are limits to what the system can facilitate.

Computers are not paper

Many things that are routinely done on paper exams are complicated to do in digital exams. With a pen you can easily highlight or comment on text for grading, but TestVision does not have that option (yet).
Also, TestVision does not have an option to let students draw or sketch their answer, which is a lot harder to do with a mouse than with a pen. This does not mean that your exam could not be digitalised, rather it is an opportunity to redesign your exam questions.

Additional resources

At this time it is not possible to offer other applications or digital sources (pdf or websites) next to TestVision. Using applications such as SPSS or Excel alongside TestVision would make the exam more authentic, but it also poses a challenge for the security and stability of the exam facilities. We hope to make these options available in the future.

Contact & Support

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