Digital exams for your course

To organise a digital exam for your course, contact the Exams Coordinator of your faculty. They will schedule the exam, and give you access to TestVision and the training materials.



The digital exams facilities are offered at MECC Maastricht, which is only used during the exams week of each period. This means that your digital exam must be scheduled during these exam weeks. Please note that the Chromebooks are shared by all faculties so the resources are limited. Please have your faculty check availability before you digitalise your exam. The allocation deadline for digital exams is 10 weeks before each exam week.



Your faculty digital exams coordinator your first point of contact for support. They will give you access to TestVision, and they will guide you through the process of preparing and grading your digital exam.
The functional support team at the University Library offers training facilities for TestVision to all faculties, and provides support to the faculty exams coordinators.


TestVision Canvas Course

The online training module gives a step-by-step explanation of the workflow in TestVision, with videos and pdf summaries. Contact your faculty for access to this module.


Workshop: Assessment with closed question types in TestVision

TestVision offers a variety of closed question formats, all of which are graded automatically by the software. Edlab has developed a workshop on how you can apply these question formats to improve the quality of your assessment. The workshop will be part of the Continuous Professional Development programme (CPD).

Contact & Support

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