Although the UM and PiCarta catalogue can be searched online from within EndNote it is often easier to search via the native interface of the catalogues themselves, and import the references into EndNote via an appropriate import filter.

But …. the UM and the PiCarta catalogue contain references to a couple different document types, such as books, online resources, journal titles, etc.. This diversity in document types hinders the creation of a single EndNote import filter able to handle all these different document types at the same time. To keep the correction of imported references to a minimum, and to make sure that the imported data correspond as much as possible to the reference types in EndNote, a couple of document type specific EndNote import filters for the UM  and PiCarta catalogue are created.

Read more about Importing references from the UM Catalogue into Endnote (PDF manual)

Read more about Importing references from PiCarta into Endnote (PDF manual)

Both catalogues can be found via the list of databases.

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