Do you want to know more about the necessity to provide additional study places and why we have chosen the Bonnefanten building?

Why was it necessary to create additional study places?

Maastricht University has almost 2000 study places in the Randwyck Library, Randwyck Computer and Resource Centre, LINK (i.e. Lees- en Internet Kafé) and the Inner City Library. Of these 2000, almost 300 study places in the Inner city location and the Randwyck Computer and Resource Centre are almost continuously in use for training of skills and library research.

The latest UM Flycatcher Monitor about university services has reported that the University Library is highly appreciated: more than 80% of the students is satisfied with the Randwyck Library, 75% express their satisfaction with the Inner City Library. The questionnaire also shows that almost 50% of the students urgently request an expansion of the library in order to increase the quality of the study facilities.

Moreover, the number of students of Maastricht University is growing. At this moment the Maastricht University is being distinguished from other universities with excellent study facilities. To maintain this position and to solve the present capacity problems in the University Library it was necessary to find solutions for the short term with high priority.

Which requirements did we have?

The following prior conditions were set:

  1. Create 200 quiet and individual study places, preferably in one location and preferably in the inner city; about 1000m2
  2. Use vacant space, preferably in the university itself
  3. WiFi is necessary
  4. Students have to bring their own device
  5. Low-budget investment (second hand furniture, if possible)
  6. Attractive and easy accessible
  7. A facility to meet, lounge and drink coffee is necessary. Or, at least, vending machines, coffee machine, printing/copying machines

With these requirements in mind the search for vacant space began with the assistance of student representatives. In the end only one possibility remained, the Student Service Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2. In this building it turned out to be possible to create maximal 180 quiet study places on the second and third floor. The advantages are obvious: the location is attractive, nearby the University Library and faculties, student unions are housed in the building and last but not least Coffee Lovers is housed on the ground floor. Moreover, the idea had risen to create a beating heart of the University on the ground floor (in the church) with places to lounge, to meet, thus creating a social place for (international) students, that can also serve as a meeting point between university and society. The Karl Dittrich room could be used more often in this concept. The removal of the wooden staircase will be the first action in the refurbishment of the ground floor.

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