DataHub sprint review: Enhance WebDAV setup and usability

09 Aug | 13.00 CEST - 14.00 CEST

Join the next DataHub sprint review with sprint goal “enhance WebDAV setup and usability

The next DataHub sprint review meeting will take place on 9 August 2022 from 13:00 – 14:00 CEST. The current sprint goal is to Enhance WebDAV setup and usability. 

DataHub organises a sprint review every three weeks from 13:00 – 14:00 CEST on Tuesday. A sprint review is designed to gather actionable feedback on what the DataHub Development team has completed. The purpose of a sprint review is to have a conversation with our stakeholders about how to improve our products. During a sprint review, we will put you in the driver’s seat concerning (changes to) the products we have made. By collaborating and getting your direct feedback we can create more value for you and your colleagues. Your input will be highly appreciated.

The goal of this sprint is to Enhance WebDAV setup and usability. When we implemented WebDAV connections for drop zones we were eager to get to our users as soon as possible. The manuals and ease of use of the feature still had a lot of room for improvements. With this sprint, we aim to make it clear that there are two WebDAV endpoints to connect to, each with its own specific purpose. One is meant for uploading data to your drop zone while the other is meant to download data you have stored in project collections.

Do not hesitate to invite other Maastricht University or MUMC+ colleagues who are interested in contributing to our meetings. There is no limit to the number of participants, though registration is compulsory. To register, please fill out your name and email address below. We will send the zoom link a few days before the event.



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