Exhibition: From House of Worship to Academic Hospital

10 Jun - 31 Dec | 08.30 CEST - 18.00 CET

The Randwyck Library is proud to announce the opening of the latest exhibition, which delves into the fascinating history of Maastricht’s most important guest houses and hospitals. This exhibit, an insightful journey through centuries of healthcare in the city, marks the reopening of the renovated Randwyck library and promises to captivate visitors with its comprehensive display.

The exhibition’s narrative begins with the opening of the Academic Hospital in Maastricht in 1986, a significant milestone in the city’s medical history. However, this event is but a chapter in a much longer story, spanning over ten centuries of intramural healthcare. This rich history is meticulously documented in the book “From House of Worship to Academic Hospital,” which serves as the foundation for the exhibition.

Evolution of health care in Maastricht

Visitors will explore the evolution of healthcare in Maastricht, starting from the city’s earliest days. The story begins with the Sint-Servaasgasthuis, one of the oldest hospitals in the Netherlands, established in the tenth century. From there, it traces the continuous development through the Calvariënberg Asylum, the Sint-Annadal Hospital, and finally to the Maastricht Academic Hospital, now known as the Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+).


The exhibition highlights key historical moments and figures, including pilgrims, garrisons, public anatomical lessons, and the pioneering medical advances made in the city. It also celebrates the efforts of nuns and brothers, the advent of the first X-ray in the Netherlands, and the work of courageous surgeons who laid the groundwork for modern medical practices.

Reinstalled for the Randwyck Library opening

Originally displayed on the 6th floor of the administrative building, the exhibition has been reinstalled at the renovated Randwyck Library to celebrate its opening. The exhibition was curated by prof. Dr. Harry Hillen and prof. Dr. Jos van Engelshoven, and designed by Menno Roosjen. Their expertise has created a visually and intellectually stimulating experience for all visitors.

Maastricht UMC+ today

This exhibition also serves as a testament to the city’s enduring commitment to healthcare and education. The Maastricht UMC+ stands today as one of the eight premier academic centers in the Netherlands, dedicated to education, research, and top-tier patient care.

Opening hours

Experience the captivating history of Maastricht’s guest houses and hospitals at the renovated Randwyck Library during current opening hours. The exhibition is located in the information lounge area (at the entrance).

Historical medical books in UM’s Special Collections

The University Library holds an extensive collection of historical medical books in Maastricht University’s Special Collections, offering invaluable resources for both research and education. Such as early modern prints of anatomical atlases, including those by Vesalius, Loder and Albinus. In addition to a collection of anatomy books, the library also holds surgical works and books on herbal medicine containing illustrated herbal books by Dodoens, Nylandt and Munting. For an extensive list of historical medical books contact us via email or visit our website for more information on the Special Collections and on how to request books from this collection.


Randwyck Library information lounge
Universiteitssingel 50


Registrations are provided by an external party or registration is not required for this event.