08 Feb

Fair Essentials course

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FAIR Essentials Course

Course Description

This course lies its basis within the PBL approach of Maastricht University. In this sense, we will build both a collective discussion of what is actually FAIR and what it means to different disciplines. We will then integrate what we have learned collectively by doing FAIR in break-out room sessions.

The participants will have a tutor available to answer questions about the exercises. However, it is up to them to develop the exercises. The intention is to build a collective road-map of FAIR points in an ending plenary session.

Learning objectives:

  • Get basic theoretical knowledge about what is FAIR and how and if it could be applied to all scientific disciplines.
  • Articulate benefits, barriers and challenges in making data and other outputs FAIR.
  • Learn collectively through independent hands-on experience with techniques, services and technologies to make your data or help others make their data FAIR.
  • Together come up with a collective Road Map of ideas on what it means to be FAIR. This last point will be used to keep building the course in the future.

Target group: Researchers of all levels at Maastricht University

Language: English

When: 8 February 2022 from 09.00 – 14.00 CETS

Maximum number of participants: 15

Date and time

08 Feb | 09.00 CET - 14.00 CET

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