Science Communication – UM General PhD Trainings

20 Sep | 15.00 CEST - 17.00 CEST

In this interactive session, we will discuss the importance of impact and science communication. Furthermore, we will briefly go over the impact journey and will dive into different communication strategies. Lastly, we will reflect upon your online presence.

Students in Makerspace talking to each other.

Learning goals
• The students will learn the importance of impact and science communication
• The students will discuss the differences and similarities with regards to their impact journeys
• The students will learn more about science communication strategies and activities
• The students will reflect upon their online presence

Target group: This course is mandatory for all internal and external PhD students of Maastricht University who started their PhD on or after November 1st 2021. For all other interested students participation to this course is on a voluntary base. Completion of this training does not provide exemption from any other mandatory courses.

Prerequisites: To participate in this interactive session, the online modules associated with science communication need to be completed. These modules are accessible through the UM general PhD trainings website.

!Important!: Please bring your answers from the online modules to the interactive session.

Registration: The session is offered in an online setting or in an on-site setting. In the online setting priority will be given to external PhD students. Please note that on-site sessions can always be converted to an online setting due to unforeseen circumstances. You can cancel your registration up to 5 days before the start of the session. If you fail to do so, we will notify your Graduate School.

Language: English

Practical information: Considering the interdisciplinary nature of the sessions there is only a limited number of seats available per graduate school. Fully booked seats for a specific graduate school will be displayed as N/A. So register soon!

The session may be cancelled if there are too few subscriptions. We strive to notify you about cancellations a few days in advance.

Location: The Makerspace is located on the first floor of the Inner City Library (route 160, Room D1.228/1.232). If you are an external PhD student who does not own a UM card please send us an email at We will then make sure you will get access to the library.


Available spaces: 5/ 12
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Makerspace, Inner City Library, room 1.228 (route 160)


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