25 Jan – 27 Jan

Workshop announcement: Introduction to Deep Learning

The Netherlands eScience Center is organising an online workshop in January. The topic is “Introduction to Deep Learning”. The workshop is open and free to all researchers in the Netherlands.

This workshop gives an introduction to deep learning for researchers who are familiar with the basics of (non-deep) machine learning. Participants will learn how to prepare data for deep learning, how to implement a basic Deep Learning model in Python with Keras, how to monitor and troubleshoot the training process and how to implement different layer types, such as convolutional layers.

Learners are expected to have the following knowledge:

  • Basic Python programming skills and familiarity with the Pandas package.
  • Basic knowledge on Machine learning, including the following concepts: Data cleaning, train & test split, type of problems (regression, classification), overfitting & underfitting, metrics (accuracy, recall, etc.).

More information about this event can be found on the workshop website . You can register here .


Date and time

25 Jan – 27 Jan | 09.00 CET - 13.00 CET

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