Other universities have had them for quite some time and now Maastricht University has one as well: a fund to supplement, digitise and/or exhibit the special collections. The University Fund, also known as SWOL, has named this the Maastricht Academic Heritage Fund.

The Maastricht Academic Heritage Fund stimulates initiatives that enhance awareness for and encourage exploitation of the special collections at Maastricht University. The fund is used to finance projects that contribute to the utilisation of these collections for education and research at Maastricht University.

The fund also financially supports projects that contribute to the efficient management, acquisition and broad accessibility of the special collections for a wide range of stakeholders, both in Maastricht and abroad.

Those interested in contributing to the management, acquisition or promotion of the special collections can make a (tax deductible) donation to the fund and indicate which project they would like to support. There are currently two ongoing projects: the digitisation of the ‘Tijdschrift voor het Regt'(Law Journal) and the promotion of the Pierre Kemp collection. Read more on the projects and how to make a donation on the Maastricht Academic Heritage Fund website.

In addition to making a donation you can also support our Fund projects by purchasing Pierre Kemp cards.


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