From project to adoption

From project to adoption

14 Dec 2020

Is has been over a year now that we started the Canvas transition project. After many many project meetings, discussions with Faculty Canvas coordinators, pilots with courses and tools, training sessions and transition services, we have reached the moment that we think the project has crossed a line. The line between getting to know the system, deciding on how to implement Canvas in the university and working towards a support organisation to have all students and staff make use of the system according to the needs of the specific course.

All we did

Without repeating all we shared before, we want to look back a little and look forward. It is that moment of the year ;-).

The very first news item on this Going Canvas portal reached you on 19 October 2019. We introduced the new LMS and the transition team that was formed to make the migration happen per August of 2020. During the year, we took you along the steps, decisions and results the different work packages of the transition project. For example, the integrations we needed to make with all related systems and tools.

We informed you about the impact of the cyber-attack, invited you several times for pilots and shared (y)our experiences, leading to choices for the UM Canvas course template as well as a varied training and support offer.

We explained how to embed resources in Canvas courses, how to make use of video conferencing tools within Canvas and created a whole set of videos to make you acquainted with all the options Canvas has to offer.


From Blackboard or EleUM to Canvas

In an item dedicated to ‘saying goodbye to Blackboard’, we mentioned slowly erasing the terms Blackboard and EleUM from websites, support-desks, mail-addresses and manuals. But also how you and your students can still have access to courses in archive mode.


Canvas Support

And last but not least, we created a Canvas Support Portal where you can find manuals, videos, contact information of support staff and answers to frequently asked questions we received (and answered) from you, users of Canvas.

So, are we done?
No, of course not!

In this last monthly update we want to give attention to some topics still in progress and make sure that you know where to turn to when starting to make use of Canvas for the first time or on which door you can knock for support when already trained and used Canvas in a course already.

The Going Canvas Portal will be ‘on air’ until the end of this academic year, as well as the training offer and dedicated migration helpdesk.
In the meantime, we work towards the date that we can say “We went Canvas!”

Author: Canvas support Team



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