From September 2020 Maastricht University uses Canvas instead of Blackboard (EleUM). This means all courses have to be rebuilt in Canvas. To guide our teaching and support staff in this transition, a comprehensive set of training & support activities has been prepared.


The training activities (until further notice all online) include:

  • A self-paced Canvas training course (no tutor, not scheduled). Direct link.
  • A Canvas introduction webinar (groups up to 6 participants). Register right away.
  • Canvas theme webinars for groups up to 50 participants. Register.
  • During the academic year 2020-2021 we offer a transition service (see below).

Self paced Canvas training course

This training course -to take anytime anyplace- will give you a first impression of Canvas. A personalised online learning journey is created, to get to know the Canvas basics and the choices UM made in setting-up the environment. You get the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge you gained in so-called assignments. To be able to execute the assignments, you get access to a personal ‘sandbox’ course. This allows you to experiment with the environment right away.

The Canvas training course is highly recommended before starting to create your Canvas course or the intake interview for the Transition Service.
To gain access, login to Canvas with your UM credentials. If you don’t get access to the training course you can choose the self-enroll option.


Canvas Introduction Webinar

With little or very basic prior knowledge of Canvas, you can register for a 2 hour online introduction webinar. In this session we will give you a first impression of Canvas. One of our Canvas Support students will guide you through a demo-course in 90 minutes and show you the Canvas basics and elaborate on the UM specifics of the environment. After those 90 minutes, participants who want can stay for another 30 minutes to ask questions or dive into specific issues.

Following your registration (up to 6 participants per workshop), you will be contacted to tailor the workshop to your needs.

Afterwards you can start creating your own course. If you still need support you can ask questions to our live Canvas Helpdesk. Alternatively, you might request an intake for the Transition Service.


Canvas theme webinars

Join our bite-size Canvas theme webinars. In each session, we will discuss a different Canvas feature and address the best workflow in Canvas as well as good practices from a didactic point of view. A thirty-minute session starts with a 15 to 20 minute explanation followed by a Q&A.Whereas the ten 2020 sessions dealt with Canvas features only, the 2021 sessions include additional tools of our digital learning environment.


Transition Service

Next to the self-paced training or the Introduction Webinar, you can make use of the ‘Transition Service’ in which a Canvas Transition Support student will – after a 1-hour online intake interview – design the course in Canvas based on the old Blackboard/EleUM course and the instructor’s directions. To complete the Transition Service, the student will host a second 1-hour online meeting for knowledge transfer and training of the course coordinator and involved teaching staff.

To register for the Transition Service, please send an email with the course codes of the courses you are responsible for and a 1-hour time-slot that fits your agenda to The project team will then assign a Canvas Transition Support student and invite you for a Zoom meeting.

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