An introduction to research data management

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An introduction to research data management


As a researcher, you invest a great deal of your time and energy in obtaining valuable research data. Good data management is important to ensure that your data remain accessible and usable in the future, for yourself and others. But what does that involve? We would like to help you get started with data management in this introductory course, which is available for all Maastricht University researchers. The online preparation part requires a time investment of approximately 45 minutes and the face-to-face workshop takes maximum 2 hours.

Learning objectives:

After attending the workshop you will

  • understand what research data are and what management of research data involves,
  • understand what good data management practices are and be able to relate that to research in your current project(s),
  • be able to reflect upon the advantages of good research data management,
  • know how research data management is incorporated in codes of conduct at national and UM level
  • know what it means to make your data FAIR,
  • know what a data management plan is,
  • know where to turn for help with research data management.

Target Group: PhD students, academic staff

Language: English

Course format: Online preparation, face-to-face training with hands-on exercises, discussions and Q&A

Prerequisites: Complete the online preparation, preferably at least 24 hours before the face-to-face session. In most cases a pc is available, we advise you to also bring a laptop or mobile device.

More information: please contact Henrietta Hazen.

Upcoming courses

Date Event Available spaces
Wednesday 25/03/2020
14:30 CET - 16:30 CET
Workshop introduction to research data management
Inner City Library – room 1.213 + 1.213A (Route 154/155)
Date Event Available spaces
Wednesday 15/04/2020
13:30 CEST - 15:30 CEST
Workshop introduction to research data management
Randwyck Library – room K3.453 (Computer room B)

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