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Online introduction to FactSet

FactSet organizes a free online introduction training for International Business (Master) Students currently writing their thesis and everyone else who is interested.


FactSet contains real-time market data as well as company analytics. FactSet is organized in a tab structure, which allows users to easily locate information. The main content:

  • Markets: Real-time market data on global equities, commodities, FX rates, and ETFs.
  • Quotes: View intraday quotes and trades for securities in your watch list or portfolio.
  • Charting: a Centralized platform to chart price, economic, company, and fixed income data.
  • Economics: Access over one million economic series and regional chart books.
  • Company Analytics (Public and Private): Analyze a company’s financials, estimates, debt, ownership, corporate governance, and more.
  • Fixed Income: Review a company’s debt capital structure or perform an individual security-level analysis.
  • Screening: Use financial and non-financial criteria to create your investable universe.
  • Portfolio Analytics: Run performance and attribution reports for your custom portfolios as well as analyze returns.

Next to that FactSet contains sustainability data (MSCI/ESG).

Topics of the training

  • Introduction FactSet
  • Exporting to Excel
  • Searching the FactSet database
  • Q&A

Date: 11 January 2022 between 13.30 and 15.30 CEST.

Registration is not necessary. You can simply use this link to participate:

For more information on FactSet see:


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