Are you looking for ways to use more video in your education? Are you thinking of recording your own videos? Are you wondering about which recording device and platform to use, which editing software to install and where to upload your videos?

To meet the growing need for broad video-related support among teachers, the University Library, the ICT Service Centre (ICTS)  and the School of Business and Economics (SBE) are co-developing centralised video services for education under the project name Innovation of Video Services for Education. 

Teachers and students needs

Investigating the user needs of both teachers and students takes a central position in the first phase of the project. Your needs will drive the improvement of system architecture and user support, as well as the development of new services such as media skills training and didactical support. Thus, the project aims to cover all aspects of video production relevant to you: from preparation to recording and editing to publication and integration in the curriculum. 

UM Video platform

MediaSite, the system for recording and sharing video purchased by SBE and several other faculties, will expand to become the video platform for the entire organisation.

In 2016, the university will have its own user-friendly video platform, including a broad range of in-house support services, open to all educators and educational activities at Maastricht University. 

More info

For more information about the project, please visit VideUM portal Maastricht University, the university’s brand new portal about all things video.

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