The theft of laptops is unfortunately a frequent occurrence. If your laptop is stolen, not only do you have to buy a new one but you will also have lost a lot of data which you may have worked on for months. A horrifying thought! To avoid being a target of theft, don’t leave your valuables, such as laptops and mobile phones, unattended.

Tips to protect your laptop and data

There are different ways how you can protect your laptop and data. Here are two tips:

  1. Secure your laptop
    VirtuaLock® is a software solution that ensures that computer theft does not go unnoticed. The software detects the theft, will sound an alarm and will warn you and students nearby that a laptop is being stolen. Maastricht University is offering VirtuaLock® to all employees and students. To be able to download, you have to be connected to the Maastricht University network or Eduroam.

    1. Read more about VirtuaLock
    2. Download VirtuaLock® on your laptop and keep your laptop safe!  Get your FREE download for Windows or Mac at
  2. Use the lockers provided at both library locations. Do not leave your belongings unattended, leave your valuables in a day locker. There are lockers available in or near both library locations:  Inner City Library: on all floors. Randwyck Library: near LINK and at the Computer and Resource Centre.

Together we make the library safe

Please mind that Maastricht University Library is not liable for any loss of, damage to, or theft of your belongings in the library, lockers included.

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