Sage has agreed that (corresponding) authors of Sage articles will receive 90% discount on the ‘article processing fee’ for the journals in the Sage Choice Programme. The only condition is that the author belongs to one of the Dutch universities that participate in the Sage license. The authors must express to Sage their wish to be eligible for discount.

However, there are still some loose ends on the practical implementation (e.g. how does an author express to Sage that he wishes to benefit from the discount). Once more is known, we will inform you, so that you can inform scientists. The final procedure will be published via the Library Wall.

Springer had in its previous license an Open Choice clause, permitting employees of all Dutch universities to deposit their articles in Open Access without any author fee. Thus, in a regular (non-Open Access), Springer journal, it was possible to publish an article in Open Access. This clause is no longer existing in the new Springer license 2012-2014. If authors choose for Open Choice articles that are accepted after July 1, authors have to pay the author fee themselves.

The present agreement is still valid for those publications that will be accepted by Springer before 1 July 2012!

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