SURFmarket expanded the list of last October by adding almost 3,000 Open Access journal titles. As a result the current number is now 7,400 titles. This increase is mainly ascribed to new publishers in the list: American Chemical Society (ACS), Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Taylor and Francis and finally Thieme. In addition, publishers like Sage and Elsevier have added titles.

When you are looking for Open Access journals without APCs (Article processing or publishing charges), it is good to know that there is a useful current overview of 7,400 journal titles with a nationwide Open Access discount. 

You can find the SURFmarket title list via the UM Open Access portal and on the national website below the heading ‘Overview of journal titles’. 

About the list

SURFmarket made a list of more than 7,400 journals in which corresponding authors of Dutch universities and academic hospitals can publish in Open Access for free or with a substantial discount. This list is updated two times a year. The title list enables you to sort ranking scores and subject categories in order to find relevant journal titles. 


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