From today this impressive piece of furniture can be found in the Maastricht University Library Parlour room (located in the Inner City Library). It belonged to Maastricht poet and painter Pierre Kemp. Kemp wrote much of its beautiful poetry sitting at this desk.

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Kemp was a successful poet. He received – among others – the prestigious PC Hooft Prize and the Constantijn Huygens Prize for his entire oeuvre. Hopefully this special study place will bring you a lot of inspiration and success too.

‘Verloren componist’

Als ik mijn deel geleefd heb aan de Grote Wet,
die mij al drijft vanaf mijn vroegste dagen,
zal een groot verdriet mij zeker doen vragen:
had ik dit alles niet liever in muziek gezet?

(this is the first stanza of the poem that Pierre Kemp wrote in 1948)

Interested in a tour?

The Pierre Kemp library as well as his music records, letters and manuscripts collection are an important part of the UM Special Collections. You are welcome to visit the collection. Make an appointment through our curator Odin Essers ( or request a guided tour at the Information Desk.

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