In January 2013, UM students were invited to suggest names for the new Bonnefanten Learning Spaces (in the SSC building at Bonnefantenstraat 2). Some straight forward names came up, such as the Bonnefanten Library Without Books and Learning Spaces. But also novel ideas were shared on Facebook. One of these names was the Neal Cowan Learning Space. In short notice, several hundreds of students liked the thought. This is the reason the University Library decided to express its gratitude to all students who contributed by naming room B.2.09 after Neal.

Neal Cowan is a BA candidate of Cultural Studies and the founding father of the Sharing is Caring initiative. This group of students has a strong global commitment and aims to protects the planets scarce resources by promoting their reuse. Maastricht University contributes to sustainability with these learning spaces, by using spare rooms and reusing materials of other companies. If you would like to join the Sharing of Caring initiative:


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