Not just numbers, but that’s how many workshops the skills & support team of the UM Library delivered and the number of participants in January 2017.

Students (bachelor and master) and PhDs from SBE, FPN, FHS-UCM, FHS-Governance, FHML, MUMC+  learned how to search for information systematically, how to use EndNote for reference management, how to search for data and set up a data management plan.

Most of these sessions were integrated in the curriculum, some of them are by registration. Our workshops and courses are available for students (from bachelor to PhD), staff members and alumni from Maastricht University and the academic hospital (aZM). 

More info

Want to know more about the workshops and support the library can offer in teaching students how to deal with information? Check out our Workshops & Courses overview, or contact coordinator Scientific Information & Skills Support Henrietta Hazen

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