Getting started with Canvas in the new academic year

Published on 01 Sep 2021

Are you a new staff member at Maastricht University or for others reasons new to the instructor side of Canvas? Or could you use a fresh up about the options Canvas offers for your course? In this item we offer a quick reference list to easily catch up after a well-deserved summer break and highlight few new options in Canvas.

Is Canvas new for you?

Good to know that there is support and information available! We list your options:

  • Your first point of contact is your faculty Canvas coordinator
  • Until the end of September, you can request a (tailor-made) training webinar via
  • There is a self-paced Canvas training course to get to know the Canvas basics. If you have access to Canvas (login with your UM credentials) you can use the self-enroll option to start the course anytime, anyplace.
  • You can request a personal sandbox by contacting your Faculty Support. This is a course you alone have access to, in which you can try all the options before using them in a real course.
  • You can also visit the Canvas Support Portal for all information on Canvas. We offer videos on using Canvas related to your teaching and learning activities, manuals to actually start using the tools and information on additional tools (e.g. FeedbackFruits).


What’s new in Canvas?

Also for experienced users it is good to know that there are some changes in Canvas:

  • Since January of this year, the University Library uses Keylinks Learning Resources to create uniform lists of course-related materials for your students. Only recently, the integration has been realised with Canvas. This means that upon creating and publishing (by the library) the Keylinks Resources list in courses of faculties that are using Keylinks lists, a link to this list is is directly accessible on the Resources page. For more information, see the Keylinks portal of the Library. You can also register for an online introduction.
  • Furthermore, as of 01-10-2021, Blackboard Collaborate will no longer be available. For online meetings with students, Zoom is available in Canvas. To record lectures both off and on campus, Mediasite is available.
  • We are currently piloting with the Syllabus Print tool that facilitates converting your Canvas course into a PDF version. Once the Syllabus tool will be in place, it will offer a print version of the course content. With one click you can create a course syllabus, replacing the earlier shared course manuals or course books.


Author: Canvas Support Team


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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