Working within a project and sharing documents? Collaborating with fellow researchers within your project/school or abroad? Searching for a reliable, safe and easy to use solution to share documents?

A lot of supporting freeware tools are available to facilitate collaboration in ways of communication and sharing information such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Unfortunately, those free tools are not that safe.

The University Library offers a dedicated collaboration tool, that not only facilitates communication and information sharing, but explicitly offers the possibility to work together in a safe environment: the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) based on Sharepoint (MicroSoft).

Interested in such a Virtual Research Environment or want to hear about some testimonials? Visit the Library & Researcher portal and the information linked to the VRE (link to the testimonial Ease to use).

For more information on collaboration tools and the VRE, please contact Gregor Franssen, information specialist Maastricht University Library.

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