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Published on 13 Jul 2021

Probably the topic you want to lecture about has already been recorded before by others. You could check out the Kahn Academy or the YouTube education channel or other Open Educational Resources repositories containing video. But if nothing meets your goal, creating a video yourself could be a good alternative. But where to start, what are your options? We take you along some options you can start using right away.

Film with your own smartphone

Nowadays nearly everyone owns a smartphone. Most smartphones have a great camera that allows you to make excellent photos and videos. However, for video the sound quality is as important as the quality of your footage. At this point, smartphones are not at their best.

You can borrow a smartphone kit from the University Library to enhance your smartphone for better videos. This kit contains some easy, useful tools like a small tripod, a light and a semi-professional microphone.

Just find a quiet spot, prepare well and start shooting!


Do-it-yourself studio in the Inner City Library

Only recently, we built a do-it-yourself (DIY) studio you can make use of to create your video lecture or knowledge clip to explain a specific topic. The studio offers a green screen and a plug-and-play system which easily integrates your PowerPoint combined with you presenting on video. It even shows an auto-cue based on your PowerPoint-notes!

Book the studio

If you want to book the DIY studio in the Inner City Library, you can use this form. In the reservation-module (under the ‘i’) you find information about how to come prepared to make your recording session as efficient as possible. On the day of the shoot, you can collect the key for the studio at the information desk. Up until now, we hear that it truly is ‘plug and play’, but of course, there will be support available. You also find instruction material for filming, editing and storing of the video in the studio.


Book a serviced studio or a camera team

If ‘do-it-yourself’ is not an option and you have a budget available, you may choose to book a serviced studio or a camera team. There are currently two serviced studios available at UM:

  • one at SBE (Tongersestraat 53)
  • one at Science Vision, located at Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (Universiteitssingel 50).

You can also arrange a cameraman from several parties:

  • The UM video team offering professionally coached students, assisted by the UM department of Marketing & Communication.
  • Science Vision is a multimedia service provider at the FHML, providing state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities to clients within and outside the university.

In case you want to have the video made externally, UM works together with  preferred suppliers you can turn to.


Dive deeper in the topic of video for education

Some topics related to the production phase not covered yet:

For more information on the didactics behind video for education, deciding which video format to use, what tools are available for you to create the video or creating a video step by step, you can visit VideUM, the UM portal about video for education.

Author: UM Library


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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