Discover KeyLinks Learning Resources for your courses

Discover KeyLinks Learning Resources for your courses

29 Oct 2020

KeyLinks Learning Resources will be Maastricht University’s new reference list tool as of January 2021. It is future proof and intuitive for course coordinators and provides students with a uniform list of course related materials in Canvas. Read below why we switched from Reference List to KeyLinks and what this means for you.

Future proof

Together with faculties, we reviewed our experience with Reference List and concluded that the old system needed to be replaced. Subsequently, the choice fell on KeyLinks because that tool best matches the wishes of Maastricht University (UM), now and in the future. With KeyLinks we have acquired a tool that can be further developed, based on our UM wishes.


What are the advantages?

  • The tool is intuitive.
  • There is a link with LibSearch, so you can copy a reference yourself. If the resource is “not held by my Library”, you can order it via KeyLinks.
  • You can adapt your list to the structure of your course in Canvas.


Future functionality

  • In the near future, it will be possible to have direct contact with the library via KeyLinks about the references (instead of emails back and forth).
  • In the long term, depending on faculty wishes, students can also leave their notes regarding the learning materials for teachers and fellow students.
  • More functionalities will become available step by step and can be customised to faculty needs.
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Get acquainted with KeyLinks in phases

We will start using KeyLinks from block 3 of this academic year in January 2021.

If your faculty already uses Reference Lists, block coordinators will receive a personal email from UM Library Team Learning Resources in the first week of November, inviting you to pass on your learning resources to us via KeyLinks. We have already transferred all (unchanged) references from Reference List to the new tool. So, apart from a new design, you will not notice much difference at the moment.


Library service for Learning and Resource Centre materials

If your faculty is not currently using Reference List, but you would like to order books for the Learning and Resource Centre, you can now also use KeyLinks.


Support – Feedback

Need support? We are happy to help you. Do you have feedback on your first experiences? We are open to your reactions to learn from you and improve the tool. For your questions and feedback, please use

Author: UM Library


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