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Updated on 19 Aug 2021 | Published on 13 Aug 2021

In last years’ summer (2020) Maastricht University has made the switch from Blackboard to Canvas. During the whole past academic year courses changed for the first time to the new learning management system (LMS). We now reach the point that the migration truly reaches its end and Canvas Support changes to the level of ‘daily practice’.


To move from Blackboard to Canvas you probably made use of the self-paced training course, one of the Canvas theme webinars or the transition service to create a rich and engaging Canvas course for your students and learned from the experiences in the first Canvas course(s) you used in your daily practice. At least we did!

We provided many workshops and webinars, created a series of videos on how to make use of Canvas in the context of PBL and learned a lot from you, course coordinators and students, finding your way in the Canvas options.

We created two websites:

  • the Going Canvas Portal, in which we offered all about the migration
  • and the Canvas Support Portal, in which we gradually worked towards a support offer for structural Canvas usage.

Now is the time to make that transition as well!


… and settling in

From now on, we invite you to erase the Going Canvas Portal from your address book and visit the Canvas Support Portal for all information on Canvas, the tools and functionalities it offers and how to use them for teaching and learning activities. You will also find information there on how to contact us for support and training.

New to Canvas or need to fresh up about the options? Use the self-paced Canvas training course which offers a personalised online learning journey, to get to know the Canvas basics. You get the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge you gained in so-called assignments. To gain access, login with your UM credentials. If you don’t get access to the training course you can choose the self-enroll option.

We hope you are getting used to the LMS we implemented for Maastricht University’s education and can just as we state “We went Canvas and are starting to feel at home!”

Author: Canvas Support Team


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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