High Performance data storage DataHub@ICTS 30% cheaper

Updated on 27 Sep 2021 | Published on 23 Sep 2021

Do you need storage for your research data? Do you want to increase the findability and accessibility of your research data? DataHub can assist to save you time for doing where your heart lies: conducting research. DataHub provides several types of storage technologies, tailored to your needs and budget. DataHub offers cheap storage, local support and, most importantly, a safe way of storing data.

DataHub services are free, though storage is charged at cost price. The Maastricht Data Repository is your starting point for using DataHub’s storage facilities. You will get access to High Performance Spinning Disk Storage (NAS) with geo-replication, hosted by the ICTS department of Maastricht University. The central storage system of Maastricht University is frequently used for the storage of research data. By replacing the storage system, the storage capacity will be extended tremendously and costs will be reduced. As of this month, the costs of storing research data at the central storage system of Maastricht University are reduced by 30%.

As all research and all data are different, it depends on your situation, which kind of storage suits you best. Determining the best storage solution depends on, for example, the frequency of working with the data and the period of availability of the data. Besides High Performance Spinning Disk storage, DataHub also offers Medium Performance Spinning Disk storage (Ceph) and Tape Archive. On the DataHub portal you can find more information about storing your data at DataHub. For determining what option suits your needs best, please contact DataHub.




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